Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have dogs, will travel...

So we're exactly one week out from the biggest camping trip of my life...technically my only camping trip over 2 nights...and we just really sat down, looked at the map and decided our route...this is kinda SCARY. 

 Hamp (boyfriend), Skoolz (dog #1), Kota (dog #2) and I (obviously) are embarking on a 2 & a half week camping trip out west...we've borrrowed his dad's jeep b/c neither of our cars are fit to make the trip (Thanks again, Bubs!) and are leaving Tuesday, June 21st.  We've been compiling a list of necessities for the last couple of weeks and so far we feel confident that we haven't left anything vital off the list (fingers crossed).  I leave for Mexico on a family vacay tomorrow so Hamp is in charge of packing the said "gear." 

In terms of an official route...we've decided to pick places that we each want to see and then figure out which places will be the most dog-friendly (lucky for me I found a dog-friendly vineyard on the way: http://www.blackmesawinery.com/ )...our main stops will be: Albuquerque & Taos, New Mexico; Cortez and surrounding areas, Colorado;  Zion and Arches Nat'l Parks, Utah...this itenerary is very flexible/still growing...so please share suggestions! Also, we're going through Mississippi to see Hamp's sister, Wesa, on the way out and then through Memphis to see my little sis, Lindsay, on the way home.

For accomodations we will mostly be camping...yes, like in a tent w/ a fire...I still have mixed feelings about this.  Most of me is super-excited and pumped up for the challenges of longterm camping and the opportunity to really soak in some awesome nature...but there is a small voice in my head that keeps reminding me how much I appreciate a hot shower everyday and just indoor plumbing in general...luckily a friend that lives in New Mexico, Mary, has offered for us to stay with her if we need a break from the Great Outdoors :) 

Hamp's bringing his GoPro (a tiny, virtually indestructable video camera) to shoot some downhill mountain bike footage and the regular digital camera so we can document everything we see...please follow along w/our adventure and post any suggestions you have on places we MUST visit while we're out there :)


  1. sooo exciting!! can't wait to follow the adventures!! also have a blast with the fam in Mexico. Where in Mississippi?? Lindsay has Memphis down! ha! make sure she feeds you Central barbecue. love you precious girl! may the force be with you!

  2. Have fun! Call your mom daily!!! Love you!

  3. The pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one of Kota watching the sun go down from his tent!

  4. Hey Bam, the natural spring looked like so much fun. Did the dogs jump in with you? The diner looked like someone turned the clock back 40 years. I think Mom and I will have to do somehting like this next year!!!!

  5. Hey Bam, Check out the Ponderosa Pines while you are in the GSDNP. Some are oveer 500 years old and the bark was stripped to make medicine. They are supposed to smell like vanilla. Have Fun.

  6. Pictures are amazing!!!!!!!! SO JEALOUS


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