Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pics, Pics and more Pics...

All of these pics are taken in the Rio Grande National Forest...we stopped at a few lakes on the way to the trail that took us to the Continental Divide...we hiked in from about 11,000 ft and we saw the moose in a high Alpine Glacieral was so cool we went through a high Alpine meadow (totally bear territory!!!) w/beautiful flowers and just the greenest landscape you've ever seen...and then the trail took us through a heavily wooded area before opening to Hunter's Lake where we got to see the was just magical!!! The pic of his track is w/ a lighter beside it so you can see how big he is...

On the way to Canyon of the Ancients/Mesa Verde...more pics to come :)


  1. Hamp looks so cute holding your pocket book by the lake with the boys!! Skoolz looks like he's trying to be Lassie!! Kota looks like he just wants his picture taken!

  2. Dem boys will get that Moose..Better tie them pups up. LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. is it weird that all i can think of is vampires when i see the woods and lake? i miss you.


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